La Clau Gourmet


La Clau Gourmet is a local bakery and café located on a busy street that offers quality produce at great prices. However, it didn’t take advantage of its prime location and lost many potential customers due to poor signage. myBloo organised a photo shoot of the shop and its delicious produce to create a website, mobile app, social media profiles, social media profiles and installed a 40” digital signage screen that attracted passersby and brought more customers through the door.

“The whole process has been really convenient and easy. I’m particularly impressed by the professional photos of my business”
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Casa Aliaga


In the business for over 20 years, Casa Aliaga is an emblematic restaurant that has opted for innovation and an omnichannel approach. For the restaurant, myBloo created a website, social media profiles, a mobile app, multimedia content and installed a 70” screen on the premises. This digital transformation has improved communication with regular customers who can now check out the day’s menu on the app.

“The digital screen attracts all the glances now thanks to its large size and constantly changing content”
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La Moreneta


Aviram La Moreneta is a butchers offering organic poultry located in the Sant Gervasi market in Barcelona. They decided to innovate using the myBloo Essential plan. Their objective was create a more appealing image, improve customer communications, and increase sales. “You’ve got to be online nowadays,” explains Josep Ribas, the owner of La Moreneta.

“We've enhanced our customer loyalty and we've reached new consumers through various communication channels”
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