Frequently Asked Questions

Incorrect username and password?

If you’ve checked and re-entered your password but you still can’t log in, go to your inbox and look for the Welcome email you received from myBloo. It will contain your username and password.

I’ve uploaded some content but it isn’t updated on my website

Check your Internet connection and upload the photo again. If it still isn’t shown, either the file size is too big for myBloo or the format isn’t allowed. Remember the formats you can upload are: .mov and .mp4 for videos and .jpg, .png and .gif for images. .Pdf, .psd and .ai formats are not compatible.

The text I entered doesn’t appear on the myBloo screen

There are several different templates in myBloo Wizards where you can choose how you want the content you have uploaded to appear. The default template design contains a text, an image and a title. In other templates, the text isn’t shown as it isn’t designed to show it.

I can’t post on social media from myBloo Wizards

To post on social media, first you need to set your networks up in Platform settings > Social media settings > Connect Facebook and Twitter.

I can’t publish the photo I uploaded on my social media

To upload visual content to social media, you need to select Facebook or Twitter when choosing the platform.

For Facebook: Create new content > Save and continue > Facebook tab > Select the ‘image’ option.

For Twitter: Create new content > Save and continue > Twitter tab > “Add a link to your uploaded file”.

What email address should I enter when setting up mail publications?

You need to decide who will be responsible for the publications. Think of who you want to check the content that will be published about your business.

My customers aren’t receiving any notifications on the app when they’re near my business

They need to have installed the app for your business and have Bluetooth activated. Check that they have done this and if they still aren’t receiving any notifications, there may be a problem with your beacon. If this is the case, please contact myBloo Customer Service.

What is the difference between mobile app notifications and beacon notifications?

You can send push notifications that will reach all the customers who have installed your mobile app, no matter where they are. Beacon notifications are only sent to those customers who pass by your business where your beacon is installed and have Bluetooth activated at the time.

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